BETA57A wired microphones

BETA57A wired microphones

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BETA57A wired microphones ( Inquiry Latest Price )

magic wire karaoke microphone

* Microphone Type: Dynamic Microphone
* Polar pattern: Cardioid
* Frequency response: 50Hz - 16KHz
* Output Level (1000 Hz conditions)
* Open Level: -51.5dBV/pa (2.6mV)
* Output Impedance: low impedance inputs with mic connection, rated impedance of 150 ohms (290 ohms actual)
* Phasic: put pressure on the diaphragm, the 2 relative to pin 3 pin for the positive voltage
* Microphone connection: three-pin plugs dedicated audio (XLR-positive plug for maximum conductivity)

·Microphone of use:
 plug in the mcirophone to microphone "MIC"socket. Turn the microphone switch to "ON" position, speak into the microphone, adjust the amplifier's volume control, so that the volume is appropriate. When handing the microphone to others or when not in use, the microphone should be switched to "OFF" position.
having the microphone too close to the speaker may produce a loud disturbing sound, because the mcirophones pick up sound from the speakers. This phenomenon is known as a howling Mind. If this happens, pull the mcirophone away from the speaker. As a microphone is a precision component part, be careful not to drop, hit or be given a strong shocl. Should be noted, to put the mcirophone back in the box when not in use, to avoid high and low temperatures, and high humidity.
 ·Good use:
 For best sound effects Fu, the microphone should be placed away from the source (mouth) approximately 5-10cm. Too close to the source, will cause the air to produce a different sound, so that the sound effect will be poor.

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