UHF 2 Handheld Wireless Microphone System

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1.popular microphone
2.New design
3.Anti-jamming circuit
4.excellent workmanship

UHF837 UHF 2 Handheld Wireless Microphone System ( Inquiry Latest Price )

System parameter
Carrier frequency:UHF 735-806MHZ
Modulaton mode:FM
Channel number:2 channel,random set 200 frequency
Frequency interval:250KHZ
Frequency stability:+/-0.005%
Dynamic range:100dB
Max modulation:+/-55KHZ
Frequency response:70HZ-18KHZ(+/-3dB)
S/N rato:>105dB
THD:  ≤ 0.5%
Working range:About 100M(without obstacle)

Receiver mode:Heterodyne frequency comversion receiver
Intermediate frequency:130.4MHZ,10.7MHZ
Antenna switch in:BNC/50 Ω
Sensitivityadjust range:-103dB
RF squelch: ≥ 85dB
Max level output:+/-10dB/v

Antenna:Handheld microphone with built-in screw antenna,pocket transmitter with 1/4' wavelengh scourge antenna
Output power:30mV
RF squelch:60dB
Power:2*1.5V AA
Battery life:About 10 hours

Receiver operation way
1. Set up the antenna 1&2, pull the antenna 1&2 and make the angle 90 by it and receiver
2. Connect with AC/DC power jack.
3. Audio output connection:
Mix-Unbalance output connection: Plug the end of audio cable jack into the UN BALANCE OUT: 1&2, plug another end into the MIC IN or AUX IN socket into mixer.
4. Open the power and the power indication light will shining.
5. When the switch of microphone on the ON location, the RF signal of receiver will shining; When the receiver output the voice, the volume can control by the knob.

Transmitter operation way:
1. Open battery cover, put 1 × 9V battery, then fasten battery cover.
2. Put the power to “PWR ON” position, the green indicate light is bright when the battery is normal. The red indicate light low-bat is bright, the batter only can use one hour or less. The two light is not bright; the battery has run down or load wrong. Please change or load again.
3. Put the power to middle (STB position), it is mute function.
4. Not use, Please put the switch to off position, please take away the battery when not use for long time. Avoiding to battery liquid leak out and damage the battery and parts.
5. Volume increased button, increase volume adjust so that can suit different machine.
6. When turn on the transmitter, the receiver have not RF, please check the transmitter the frequency with receiver, otherwise reset

Parts detail
Audio connector cable
Built out power adopter
Guarantee card

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