Microphone Shock Mount

Microphone Shock Mount

A Complete Beginners Guide to Studio Microphone Shock Mounts for home recording. Find the right shock mount for your recording studio needs.

We have metal microphone shock mounts and plastic shock mounts, colors we have the classic black, and silver and new color in gold!

What is the purpose for a microphone shock mount?

When mics are attached to mic stands with say a standard clip, the vibration from the floor that the mic stand is on can/will vibrate up the stand, to the mic and into the mic's diaphragm causing unwanted noise when recording. 

The elastic on a shock mount separates the mic from the stand and therefore creates a separation between the two -- there is no direct connection or attachment between the mic stand and the mic itself. Which, theoretically, will eliminate noise caused by vibrations from the floor. For example, a shock mount can be especially useful for people who tap their feet when they sing.

MS89 mic stand


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