6.35mm Connectors Electronic Crossover

6.35mm Connectors Electronic Crossover

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6.35mm Connectors Electronic CrossoverInquiry Latest Price )

Input port:1/4"(1/3 Decimeter)TRS)
Type:Balance of power level/Unbalance of power, with RF filter
Input level maximun:>+24dBu, Balance/Unbalance
Output port:1/4"(1/3Decimetre)TRS
Type: impedance Balance 200Ω,Unbalance 100Ω
Output level maximum:Connect morn than 2KΩ load,>+24dBu,Balance/Unbalance
Performance capabilities
Frequency range:20Hz-20kHz,+0/0.5dB
Frequency response:3Hz-90KHz,+0/-3dB
Packing: 1pc/carton box

TRS OR XLR difference balance input and output, can choose stereo or super bass combined by left and right track mixer, two channels both have choice switch within X10 rang, two channels both have 40Hz hight-pass filter(LOW OUT); Phase reversal switch on all output channel; All channels output level can be adjust separately; 24dB/Linkwitz-Riley filter(Specialized standard); Stereo/Single track condition LED light to show which work pattern has been choose.


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